what acura has 3rd row seating

What Acura has 3rd Row Seating? Our Best Recommendations!!

Acura cars are usually the perfect choice for families since they have a large interior with more passenger seats. Acura has been manufacturing SUVs and family cars for a long time, which is perfect for long road trips. They have a range of car models, specialized with different features. Among the different ranges of Acura models available in the industry, they also have introduced larger cars with a 3rd row, which can accumulate more passengers. Hence, if you have a slightly larger family with more than 6 members, you might want to know what Acura has 3rd-row seating. You are not far from the answer because you are in the right place. Keep reading the article until the end to find the Acura car you have been waiting for.

Why Should I Buy 3 Row Acura SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle)?

Surprisingly, Acura is one of the popular choices when selecting a Family SUV, and Acura is doing a good job in that regard. Because they have a larger interior, with comfortable seating structure, and come in modern designs.

As previously stated, you might want a 3-row Acura SUV if you have a larger family. Still, apart from the large interior room, you will also be amazed by its interior design.

Because Acura SUVs with 3rd-row seating are not only about space but also their intrusive interior design embedded with safety and comfort, to increase the luxury of the Acura 3rd row seating car, they have also improved the interior by including standard heated leather seats, infotainment facilities compatible for both Apple iOS and Android including smartphone integration and USB ports.

The interiors include 19 cup holders, spacious leg rooms, and a sunroof. Most buyers are interested in investing in the Acura with a 3rd-row seating car, not only because it can accumulate more passengers, but also because of its upgraded interiors to ensure passenger comfort.

What Acura has 3rd Row Seating?

The Acura MDX is the most recommended Acura with 3rd-row seating, which can fit 8 passengers. But most of the recent models in Acura are manufacturing their SUVs with 3rd-row seating, and Acura MDX is the most noticeable model among them.

The Acura MDX mid-size SUV was originally manufactured by the Honda Motor company based in Japan. The first model of  Acura MDX was introduced to the industry in 2001, with seats for seven passengers. 2001, the Acura mdx was also designed to guarantee a stress-free ride, including heated front seats.

Later in the following years, Acura kept developing the mdx model, where the engine and interiors were upgraded to improve the vehicle’s safety, performance, and comfort.

The latest Acura mdx models have increased horsepower, including infotainment facilities, climate control, cruise control, and designing larger interiors to accumulate more passengers. As a result, you will see the latest Acura mdx model has space for up to 8 passengers.

What are the Available Features of the MDX?

The Acura mdx, as previously stated, guarantees the passenger’s comfort and safety, embedding intricate interior facilities. Apart from these, the Acura mdx is a sporty vehicle with impressive performance because of the 10-speed automatic transmission, 290 horsepower, and can tow a maximum of 3500 pounds.

The Acura mdx can drive at a maximum speed of 112 miles per hour through the gear and paddle shifters. It also has a 3.7 liters engine capacity and 267 LB-FT torque power.

Acura is also designed to ensure the passenger’s safety by including features to minimize the severity of accidents and to avoid accidents by warning the driver. Below are some safety features you will see in the Acura mdx.

  1. Adaptive Cruise Control
  2. Road Departure Mitigation
  3. Lane Keeping Assist System
  4. Pedestrian Detection
  5. Traffic Sign Recognition
  6. Traffic Jam Assist
  7. Blindspot Information System
  8. Rear Cross-traffic Monitor
  9. Low-speed Braking Control

According to the larger interiors, expecting the Acura mdx to have a longer body is natural. The SUV has Jewel’s eye LED headlights and Chicane LED taillights that illuminate, making the Acura mdx eye-catching.

The LED  headlight and taillight are designed precisely aesthetically dramatic exterior to give the car a modern look.

Does Acura RDX Come with Three Rows of Seating?

Apart from MDX, Acura also manufactures RDX, a mid-sized SUV perfect for families. Thus, if you want to invest in the Acura RDX,  you will first need to know if the Acura RDX has three-row seating for larger families like the MDX model. But unfortunately, the Acura RDX excludes the 3rd-row option and can only fit up to 5 passengers, which is unsuitable for larger families. But if you want more comfort and room, the Acura RDX becomes one of the best options.

Does the Acura MDX Have 7 or 8 Seats?

The number of seats in the Acura mdx may differ depending on the model and the year. The Acura mdx was initially designed with seven-passenger seats; however, later, with the upgrades, the latest Acura mdx models have large interiors and space for up to 8 passengers. Hence, the answer does Acura mdx have 7 or 8 seats, depending on the model.

Does Acura have an 8 Seater?

The recent models in Acura have 8 passenger seats, and you will see the features and elite interiors, especially in the 2022 and 2023 models.

Does Acura have an 8 Seater

Which is Bigger? MDX or RDX?

If you are wondering if the MDX or the RDX is bigger, you probably know the answer by now. Because considering the interior space of the two vehicles, it is easy to judge the exterior size of the SUV.

The MDX holds up to 8 passengers and has a maximum of 95 cubic feet of cargo space. In contrast, the RDX model only has 5 passenger seats and accumulates a maximum cargo space of 79.8 cubic feet. Thus, the Acura MDX is clearly bigger than the Acura RDX.


In the article what Acura has 3rd-row seating, ” we have included Acura MDX and its origin by contemplating its features and interior facilities. We also discussed Acura RDX to give you a better idea about the MDX by comparing the sizes, making the article more insightful.

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