what does a shift kit do for a 4l60e

What Does a Shift Kit Do For a 4L60E? Maximize Performance!!

4L60E is what you call an automatic transmission designed by General Motors in 1992. The 4L60E, with four forward gears and reverse gear, is designed for configuring a longitudinal engine. Almost every GM rear-wheel truck and SUV has a 4L60E transmission. This includes the vehicles Sonoma, firebird, safari, Astro, etc., and the 4L60E transmission shift kit is an incredible tool to improve the performance of the automatic transmission. The shift kit has the ability to correct and enhance the overall performance by making all the shifts firmer in the easiest way possible.

In this article, we will discuss what a shift kit does for a 4L60E, how to install and other troubleshooting requirements.

What is a Shift Kit?

A 4L60E shift kit is used in your trucks, SUV, and cars to create a dramatic influence on the transmission performance. There are two types of shift kits; one is the Trans Go performance HD2, and the other is the Sonnax performance pack. Both of them come with clear instructions on how to install the kit.

There are also manual and automatic transmission shift kits as well. using the Trans Go kit will be very useful as it is known to be the kit with the best quality and most reliable outcome.

The shift kit is designed so well with a complete set of components so that you can productively improve your vehicle’s shift between the gears.

With the use of such kits, we can have a smooth and comfortable shift in gear while driving.

It is crucial for us to prevent slips on the clutch and gear, reduce wear and tear, etc., using the kit.

Why Install a Shift Kit On a 4L60E?

We install a shift kit for many reasons. Here are some of them that will give an insight into how important the kit is for your 4L60E.

  • We can stop and reduce premature wear and tear of our forward springs by using a superior 4L60E.
  • We also use the kit to stop the slip code of our vehicle TCC by converting look-up to a system of on/off.
  • The kit has some of the important features for a 4L60E, such as a low clutch system, burnup reverse, in-reverse bind-up, and forward as well as reverse delayed engagement.
  • We also need them for improving and correcting the lazy shifting from the factory of the 4L60E.
  • By using the kit, we can extend the lifespan of our vehicle’s transmission by reducing the slips between the shifts, especially for towing and enhancing performance.
  • The kit will also eliminate many of the transmission valve body oil-flow-related problems. They impact by reducing the shift overlap and slippage. This creates a firm shift.

What Does a Shift Kit Do For a 4L60E?

The shift kit has so much to make use of for a 4L60E. It simply can enhance the transmission shift’s quality and performance. Here are a few things the kit could do for a 4L60E.

Reducing slippage: a reduction in heat build-up can be observed due to the transmission slippage adjustments the shift can perform. By doing so, it can supply much power to bring more acceleration and performance.

Improved shift quality: the kit has the ability to enhance shift firmness and for improving the quality by decreasing shift times. The shift will then create a more precise, quick change in gears.

Ability to customize: we could tailor the kit according to our vehicle’s needs. The shift pattern and firmness are some things that we can adjust as we like.

Increase torque capacity: the shift kit could also increase the torque capacity by improving the shift quality to prevent excessive wear and tear. The kit will also enhance power by upgrading the bands, clutch pack, and torque converter.

Types of Shift Kits for the 4L60E

Several shift kits are available for 4L60E automatic transmission. These kits are having their own functions and components. We have the following kits available for you;

A full manual kit: this kit allows the drivers to have full control of all gear-changing possibilities.

They do so by converting the transmission into a manual unit completely. This shift pack has shift solenoids, a new valve body, and other control components that are manual.

  • Stage 1 kit: By using this kit, we can improve the performance and quality of the shifts without messing too much with the torque capacity and shift’s firmness. This particular kit is also having some components, such as enhanced shift solenoids and modified valve bodies.
  • Stage 2 kit: These kits could provide the transmission with a bellicose performance by increasing torque capacity. The shift kit is seen as aggressive with its modifications. The kit has parts such as torque converters, clutch packs, bands, etc.

Heavy-duty shifts: we are using these for commercial and heavy-duty towing and hauling. This shift kit is quite good at handling high torque loads that extend the durability of our vehicle’s 4L60E transmission.

How to Install a Shift Kit On a 4L60E?

It is important for us to know how to install a shift kit on a 4L60E transmission. Let’s start the installation process by aligning our tools;

The tool kit has many tools required, such as pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, Allen wrenches, pry bars, a fluid-draining pan, and also a transmission jack.

How to Install a Shift Kit On a 4L60E

Let me give you a simple guide on the steps to follow for installing the kit.

  1. When there is contamination or debris in the oil, it is bad for transmission. So first, we will remove the 4L60E transmission pan and drain the stale oil completely and flush our cooler line before starting installation.
  2. We should also retain and tape all our wire harnesses, cables, fuel lines, and hoses away from the tunnel of our transmission line.
  3. Now we should be inspecting our transmission’s flex plate for any cracks to make sure our starter ring gear is not damaged or has any loose flange bolts on the crankshaft. And remove the valve body and our 4L60E’s solenoid pack. We do this by removing the shift linkage, cooler lines, and cables of the transmission.
  4. By using our special tools, such as the snap ring plier and valve compressor, we will remove our 4L60E’s spring and stock valves to replace them with newer ones. And finally, disassemble the valve body after.
  5. Next, we will torque the transmission of our 4L60E to the engine mounting bolts to 40ft/lb. And install the starter closure ring and AWD adapter and transfer the case mounting bolts to 33 ft/lb.
  6. After installing the cross-member, transmission, make sure to connect all of the other external hoses, wiring, linkages, and wirings by hanging the exhaust lose.
  7. Next, we will install the gear drive on the front and rear shafts by torquing the universal strap bolts to 27/lb. we should next install our oxygen sensors and apply some ant seize to the threads of our sensors.
  8. Install the kit at this time by aligning the torque and gasket. Before doing so, the solenoid pack of our shift should be installed. And complete the steps by replacing the fluid in the drain pan and filling it with new fluid after assembling all the parts back again.

Maintenance and Upkeep of a 4L60E with a Shift Kit

We have to maintain our 4L60E with a shift kit to make it durable for long-term use and better overall performance. Here are some of the crucial tips for maintaining a healthy 4L60E transmission with the shift kit.

Monitoring for leaks: we can check our 4L60E valve body, transmission pan, hose, cables, cooler lines, fluids, and drivers for leaks. By making a regular check on them, we can eliminate severe leaking damages caused.

Regular inspection of parts: when we make it a habit to regularly inspect our 4L60E with a shift kit, we can reduce the headache of damaged components and failed tools and drivers affecting efficiency.

Regular fluid checks: it is common practice for us to change the fluids from 30 000-50 000 miles. The gap of changing the oil can differ from vehicle to vehicle and their conditions. To prevent any contamination, debris collection, or other quality impacts, keep fluids in check.

And always remember you have any difficulty handling your 4L60E with a shift kit, get help from an expert with thorough knowledge of how to do it.

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