How to Change Battery in Volvo XC90 Key Fob

How to Change Battery in Volvo XC90 Key Fob – Detailed Guide

Today we will focus on one of the most popular car models, the Volvo XC90. So, if you use this particular model, today we are going to explain how to change battery in Volvo XC90 key fob for you.

A remote-control key is a handy gadget that allows the owner to handle some functions in a car, including security features. However, the battery life of key fobs is limited since they often function. Then you will experience some difficulties when you want to utilize the key fob. Therefore, you need to know how to replace its batteries.

How to Change Battery in Volvo XC90 Key Fob?

Here is the complete guide to change the battery in the Volvo XC90 key fob. Choose a battery of CR2032, 3V and adhere to these instructions.

  1. Hold the key fob, as you can see the Volvo logo. Then you will notice the slide button at the below edge near the key ring. You should slide it upwards. Then you can lift the shell of the key fob.
  2. Then the key should be turned so you can slide the other shell upwards. You can move the aforesaid button again to the side. Then the bottom shell is also removed. You can lift it off and remove it from the key fob.
  3. Now you can see an oval battery cover that fits the inner part of the key fob; its upper side shows the plus mark. You need to remove it carefully using a screwdriver or any similar tool. The battery cover should be rotated counterclockwise. Keep rotating the screwdriver until its markings encounter the text, ‘OPEN.’
  4. When the battery cover is fully rotated, you can press and lift it. Then you can remove the cover upwards. The battery cover fits well to the key dob, but you have to be gentle.
  5. After you remove the battery, you can install the new one. But remember not to touch the contact surfaces of the new battery because it may reduce its function. Therefore, it would be better to wear gloves or use a tool to hold the new battery. As you saw in the old battery, you should place the new one as the plus sign fits upward.
  6. The battery should be kept in the holder as its edges can fit well. There are two plastic catches that allow for fastening the battery. So, make sure to slide it forward, then plastic catches can tighten it.
  7. After that, the battery should be pressed down to fasten completely.
  8. Now take the battery cover and set it again using the screwdriver carefully. Here you should rotate the tool clockwise. When the marking encounter with the text ‘CLOSE’, you can stop rotating.
  9. Then take the shell of the back side to set it. Keep the shell on the fob and press down. You will hear a clicking sound when it is properly fit. After that, you need to slide the sedan of the shell. Again, you will hear a clicking sound when it is properly attached.
  10. Finally, you can attach the shell of the front side. Place it on the key fob and gently press it down. The clicking sound will confirm whether it is properly fit. After, you should slide its sedan.

Battery Replacement Recommendations 

Mainly, the battery service life differs from one vehicle to the other according to the usage of each vehicle. Therefore, it is vague when you have to go for a replacement. In general, the newest key fob battery of Volvo XC90 can work for several years without an issue.

You should replace the battery of the Volvo XC90 key fob when you notice these things:

You will see a notification on your driver display regarding the condition of the key fob battery. In 2021 XC90, the message is ‘Vehicle Key Bat. Low.’ And the lock of the car might not respond to the key fob since there is no proper signal transmitting, although you are trying to lock/unlock within 20 meters. Then you will have to move closer to the automobile to unlock it.

The compatible battery for Volvo XC90 is CR2032, 3 V. And the company recommends using batteries that are congenial to the Manual of Test and Criteria, Part III, Subsection 38.3. All the batteries which are issued from authorized Volvo workshops are compatible with that criterion.

If the key fob still malfunctions despite the new battery, there may be another issue with the key fob. And if you do not use the key fob temporarily, remove its battery; otherwise, there may be battery leakage or damage.


What are the secret features of Volvo key fobs?

Depending on the technology used for the remote keys, most new Volvo key fobs allow you to do things remotely. You can roll up and down the windows with Volvo S60 key fob. If you want to roll down, you need to keep pressing unlock button for at least 4 seconds. To roll up, keep pressing the lock button for at least a couple of seconds. With Volvo XC40, you can give the location of your vehicle and start the engine.

What are the secret features of Volvo key fobs?

How to Manually Unlock the Volvo Door? 

The dead key fob should be held against the side of the driver’s seat. Then you need to press the fob against its handle. At the same time, you have to pull the door. But to work this trick, there should be an adequate amount of remaining power in the battery. But you can try this trick; there is a chance for the trick to work.

VIDEO CREDITS: PYR Automotive YouTube Channel

Can I Remotely Unlock My Volvo Car? 

There is a remote door unlock service for Volvo cars. But you should be the first owner of Volvo to get help from this service. If you use a second-hand Volvo car, you cannot activate the remote unlocking system. But there is a roadside assistance service for Volvo cars which is known as ‘Volvo On Call.’ These service stations can help you to unlock the car door if you have lost or damaged the remote key fob.

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