how to cancel super star car wash

How to Cancel Super Star Car Wash? Say “Goodbye” to Super Star

If you want to find out ‘how to cancel super star car wash,’ you’re at the right place. The superstar car wash, located all over Arizona and California, provides its customers with a committed car wash service with an overwhelming number of options and plans to take advantage of.

There are a few simple methods and steps to follow when cancelling their membership subscription. One way to cancel is by using Rocket Money. Keep reading to find out more about the cancellation process.

Why Cancel your Super Star Car Wash Subscription?

We have a few members willing to cancel their subscription with super star car wash. We will give you some possible reasons why. Superstar car wash is not just a place limited to washing cars.

They do a lot more to help you with oil changes and do a good maintenance service on your vehicle. They have given us a full-service plan with an unlimited number of options to choose from. And, they opt for maximum service for their members.

  • Superstar car wash is a company located in the states of California and Arizona. These cannot be found in service with other states of America. When the members happen to move out of these states, they cancel their membership subscription.
  • Another common reason is selling their vehicle or due to financial constraints. When the customer or member no longer has his car with him. He has no reason to continue with the car wash service anymore.
  • We also have members cancelling their membership with them due to the miles he has to travel to get the superstar car wash service. It is easier to use some random service close to home.
  • Other cancellations are happening due to members having feuds with car wash employees or some form of personal offence. That makes angry subscription cancellations over the service.
  • People are also reported to have cancelled their membership because they aren’t satisfied with the provided service plans. Possible fraud has been reported most recently.

What are the Steps to Cancel your Super Star Car Wash Subscription?

The superstar car wash subscription cancellation can be a little confusing because they have many limited and unlimited plans and offers for members. You must cancel the subscription at least 7 days before your next billing cycle or account renewal. Below we will give you some methods provided by the car wash to cancel your subscription the fastest way possible;

You must know and remember the following details at the time of cancellation

  • Your first and last name as a member holding an account with them.
  • Contact details and registered email address.
  • Account user name and password.
  • Address on the billing.
  • The city, state, region or province.
  • Postal code or zip code and the country.
  • Account number and the last charge date.
  • The amount you were charged last and last four digits of the card.
  • Reason for cancellation.

Use the following ways to cancel

  1. Cancel Via Phone Call

Call the number 623-536-5956 and talk to a rep explaining your need to cancel your membership with them. The rep will ask you a series of questions regarding the details we have given you above. The rep will be able to identify your account for cancellation.

You have to give them a valid reason why you’re cancelling. And don’t forget to request a confirmation email or call.

What are the Steps to Cancel your Super Star Car Wash Subscription

  1. Using their Website

Follow the below-mentioned steps we are giving you. These steps will help you cancel the membership easily.

As soon as you enter into their website for cancellation, they will ask you to fill in some information as required into your account with them. After filling in, hit the submit button.

Your cancellation will be confirmed with an email or a message pop-up in your account as soon as you submit.

How to Cancel your Super Star Car Wash Subscription Online?

As we mentioned above on how to cancel your super star car wash membership subscription, you have two online methods you could use.

  1. Visiting their Website

One is by visiting their website using the following link, click here and soon as you enter into their website for cancellation, they will ask you to fill in some information as required into your account with them. After filling in, hit the submit button.

As soon as you submit, your cancellation will be confirmed with an email or a message pop-up in your account.

  1. By Using Rocket Money

As the first step, you need to sign up to rocket money and create an account with them. Since they carry out procedures by scanning your transactions, you have to connect your bank and email with them.

When you have an account with Rocket Money, you can visit their website, select super star car wash subscription and cancel by following the instructions they give you. Finally, when done, they will send you a confirmation mail.

What Happens After you Cancel your Super Star Car Wash Subscription?

After cancelling your subscription with them, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that your account has been cancelled and is no longer active.

They don’t charge any form of fee or penalty charges to cancel your account. If you want to activate your subscription again, you can call their hotline and make a request.

The cancellation doesn’t even take much time; they will get it done for you soon as possible, within a day or two. If you don’t receive any confirmation, you can contact their location and get information as to why.

They also have a complaint page where you can drop a post explaining your situation.

Can you Get a Refund After Cancelling your Super Star Car Wash Subscription?

Unfortunately, they don’t have any refund plans for cancellation. When you cancel, the money paid will be active until the next billing date of your account with them.

The refund they usually give depends on the circumstances. For example, if they mistakenly charged you extra for a car wash, you can get an extra refund. Other situations include their subscription plans.

If the plan you subscribed for and the plan, they activated for you are different, they will refund the difference charged.

How Do I Contact Superstar Customer Support?

You can contact the superstar car wash customer support through their website, and phone number 623-536-5956. You can even reach out to them through their email and social media as well. And, you can also connect to their customer service through, where you can make your complaints regarding their service. Their customer support service is available only between 8 in the morning and 5 in the evening from Monday to Friday.

Use the Following:

To connect via Facebook: @SuperStarCarWashAZ

To connect via Instagram: @superstarcarwash

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