How Much Does a Honda Civic Weigh?

How Much Does a Honda Civic Weigh? – Brief Overview

If you are Honda civic owner or someone who is looking to reopen adventures with your next car as a Honda civic, ever wondered how much does a Honda civic weigh? 

Drivers may or may not show concern over vehicle specifications. But it is necessary to know your vehicle well to upkeep proper maintenance and keep potential mistakes always at bay. 

Why Should You Choose Honda Civic? 

Honda civic has passed ten generations of pride and is still recorded as one of the best-selling cars in its eleventh generation. Known for being compact and small, it is popular among people regardless of the model, sedan, and hatchback. 

The first generation Honda civic was launched in 1973, and in 2022, the age stands eleventh. From then to now, it has surpassed years of engineering and advancement, which have made it one of the most efficient, safest, and quickest cars in terms of operation and usage. It has the hype in the industry for a reason. Among many other vehicles, the Honda civic is cheaper and more available. And also, it has a high resale value, making it an ideal choice. 

Let us study why a Honda civic is an ideal car, 

  • The civic comes in different trim combinations. The audio listening experience is enhanced. Thus there are 12 speakers around the cabin. A 540-watt amplifier and AM/FM compatibility promise an audible sound experience. Steering infotainment controls are present to ease the driving process and enhance safety. Therefore, you can freely carry out driving with adjustments along the way. 
  • Compared to many other competitors like Hyundai Elantra, Nissan Sentra, Mazda3, etc., Honda civic is cheaper, compact, and trim. 
  • Civics are also aesthetically pleasing, with modifications in appearance and structure in all generations of cars. Both the sedan and hatchback models have unique sizes and specifications, providing a range of options to choose from. 

How Much does A Honda Civic Weigh? 

Back to the question, how much does a Honda civic weigh? Before we talk about that, are you wondering why it is necessary or why you must know that? 

Rest assured, we’ll tell you why. A vehicle’s size will have a direct influence on its performance of it. The primary determiner of a vehicle’s performance is the fuel economy of that particular vehicle. And the weight of your automobile can directly impact the efficiency of the fuel.

The fuel efficiency is dependable on the weight factor. To be more precise, in case of excess weight, it will consume high fuel rates. Suppose the weight carried when driving is monitored and managed. In that case, you can manage the vehicle’s fuel economy efficiently, thus ensuring better operation and performance. Also, it can come in handy when you have to tow your car in case of need. 

The weight of a Honda civic will vary depending on the type and model of the car. Let me list down the weight ranges of Honda civic cars since 1995. 

  • 1995 Honda Civics’ curb weight is around 2,094 pounds
  • 2000 Honda Civic weighs 2,339 to 2,612 pounds
  • 2007 Honda Civic weighs 2,586 to 2,945 pounds
  • 2010 Honda Civic weighs 2,588 to 2,959 pounds
  • 2021 Honda Civic weighs 2,771 to 3,012 pounds

When learning about the weight of your car, you should note that there are different measurements recorded. You will need to be clear on what type of measurements and what they portray. Let me take you through the recorded measures in a vehicle and what they mean. 

The main weights you will in the vehicle specifications include, 

  • Curb Weight 

When you pull up at the curb with neither cargo nor passengers, it is when your car is at curb weight. Curb weight refers to the standard weight of your vehicle. Excluding passengers, drivers, cargo, and other additional weight except the car are curb weight. It includes the car’s total weight, including all its components and a full gas tank. 

  • The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 

Also known as the GVWR. This weight measurement is the amount of weight you are 

Safe enough to load up into your vehicle. It is associated with the capacity of the car. 

  • Passenger and Cargo Capacity (Payload) 

Let’s look in detail at the weight of the Honda civic 2022. The latest Honda civic version 2022 comes with four kinds of trims, where each trim has a different curb weight. The four trims and their weights are as follows, 

  • Sport: 2935 lbs. (2.0L engine)
  • Ex: 3004 lbs. (1.5L engine) 
  • Lx: 2877 lbs. (2.0L engine) 
  • Touring: 3077lbs (1.5L engine) 

The difference between each of them isn’t significant. Lx serves as the lightest meanwhile touring serves as the heaviest. 

Both the sedan and hatchback models have different weights, including the weights of the trims. However, Automatic transmission models tend to be heavier than 6-speed manual transmission models. 

How to Find the Curb Weight of Your Car? 

Finding the curb weight of your car is a no-brainer. Just check out the vehicle specifications. If that is not possible, we still got your back. You can easily find the curb weight using simple math. 

To calculate the curb weight, subtract the Gross vehicle weight rating and the passenger/cargo capacity (aka payload). 

How do you know the vehicle’s GVWR and passenger/ cargo capacity? You can find it on the specification label inside your car. Extract it out and work out the sum to find your vehicle’s curb weight. 

If the mathematical operation sounds troublesome, you can take your car to a mechanic or garage and put it on a scale to weigh. The curb weight is the closest number to the overall weight of your vehicle. Although you would not obtain the accurate measurement this way, it’d still help in the case of towing. 


A Honda civics’ weight can differ per the year and model you are looking for. Nevertheless, I bet you are well aware of anything related to the weight of a Honda civic, regardless of the model and year.


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