what wheels interchange with jeep grand cherokee

What Wheels Interchange with Jeep Grand Cherokee? Revealed!!!

Wheels play an important role in the looks of a jeep. A petrolhead will always pay attention to the wheels because good wheels will lift the vehicle’s overall appearance and give a luxurious look. But not all wheels can fit every car; hence, if you have a Jeep grand Cherokee and want to upgrade the look by interchanging the wheels, this article is for you. This article includes an insightful discussion about what wheels interchange with Jeep Grand Cherokee.

You must understand that if you have a Jeep Grand Cherokee, only some wheels can fit in, and there are factors you need to consider before interchanging the wheels. When selecting a wheel for your Jeep Grand Cherokee, you must consider the size, model, style, and material used to manufacture the wheel to ensure reliability. But you don’t need to worry because plenty of wheel options are manufactured according to terrain, like off-road or highway. The list of options in the article will help you find what wheels are best to interchange for your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

What is Wheel Interchangeability?

Wheel interchangeability is the process of the interchanging wheel between two jeep models. People tend to interchange wheels for different reasons, depending on their preferences and personal reasons.

If you are in a hilly or snowy area, you will need better wheels with better performance than models that can only be used on highways. If you enjoy off-road rides or driving on rough terrains, then interchanging wheels is a need.

The interchanging wheel also helps to increase the vehicle’s performance and uplifts your vehicle’s aesthetic appearance.

What are the Stock Wheel Specifications for a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Before you find what wheels you can interchange for your Jeep Grand Cherokee, looking for the stock wheel specifications is critical. As previously stated, you must consider the wheels’ size, style, and model for the Jeep Grand Cherokee to drive safely. Hence, below, we have listed the stock wheel specifications for a jeep grand Cherokee for you to understand better what type of wheel fits your Jeep.

  1. The Center bore, or hub bore, should be 71.5mm
  2. The Bolt/Lug pattern is PCD 5*127 mm
  3. M14*1.5 thread size or lug nut size.
  4. Tire size should be 245/70 R17, 265/60 R18, 265/55 R19, 265/50 R20, 275/50 R20, 295/45 R20, 295/40 R21 or 305/35 R22.

The above stock wheel specifications are given for the 2021-2022 Jeep grand Cherokee wheels. If you are looking for 2015, 2016, and 2020 models, the stock wheel specifications will differ with each jeep grand Cherokee model.

Keep updated on the bolt pattern, number of lug nuts, and arrangements. Hence, confirm the year of your Jeep Grand Cherokee before you select interchange wheels.

What Wheels Interchange with Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Many options are offered when finding what wheel can interchange with your Jeep Grand Cherokee. But, before you select the wheel you need, ensure you understand the purpose of interchanging the wheels. Suppose it’s to enhance the aesthetic looks, for better performance, or wheel type for different terrains. Below is a list of wheels you can interchange with your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

  1. Mazda
  2. Mercury
  3. Lincoln
  4. Jeep Gladiator (17 – 18 inches)
  5. Cherokee (17-18 inches)
  6. Chrysler RT
  7. Wagoneer (15 inches)
  8. Jeep J series (15 inches)
  9. Jeep Wrangler JK/JL (17-18 inches), YJ/TJ (15-16 inches)
  10. Jeep Liberty KK/KJ (16-18 inches)
  11. Ford Raptor.
  12. Nissan NV200.
  13. Jeep Commander XK.

The Jeep models stated above will have the most compatible wheels you can interchange for your Jeep Grand Cherokee. When selecting wheels for your Jeep Grand Cherokee, the bolt patterns should have 5*5″, and if your models are a bit excessive, then a 6*5.5″ bolt pattern will be suitable.

Apart from the bolt patterns, you should also consider the wheel size. Most Jeep grand Cherokees have 17-inch wheels, and recent models will have 18 to 20-inches


Can I Use Aftermarket Wheels on my Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Because aftermarket wheels are considerably cheaper than new wheels, consider using them for your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Though you can use aftermarket wheels on your Jeep, you must expect drawbacks because aftermarket wheels don’t last long.

Can I Use Aftermarket Wheels on my Jeep Grand Cherokee

The wheels also might not be efficient because aftermarket wheels are not manufactured originally by your vehicle’s company. But, the situation only sometimes applies; in some cases, aftermarket wheels work better than your original vehicle manufacturer.

How Will a Wheel Fit my Jeep Grand Cherokee?

You need to look for the wheel’s specifications and check the compatibility to fit a wheel for your Jeep Grand Cherokee. Factors like the wheel size, hub center, lug pattern, and bolt pattern should be considered to know if a wheel will fit the jeep grand Cherokee. However, the wheel sizes and types will differ with each jeep grand Cherokee model and year.

What Rims are Compatible Jeep Grand Cherokee?

When selecting wheels to interchanger for your Jeep Grand Cherokee, rims compatib

ility also plays a major role as much as the bolt patterns and wheel size. However, the compatibility only depends on factors like the model year of your Jeep.

The compatible rims differ from your Jeep Grand Cherokee’s latest and older versions. Most of the time, a 17-inch or 18-inch rim will be good for older versions, while the latest version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee will need slightly bigger rims, typically 19-inch or 20-inch.

What Lug Pattern is Compatible with Jeep?

A 5*5-inch lug pattern will be most suitable for almost all Jeep Grand Cherokees. But your Jeep grand Cherokee might need a 5* 4.5 lug pattern, depending on the model year.


Interchanging wheels is done for different reasons in the Jeep Grand Cherokee, but understanding what wheels interchange with Jeep Grand Cherokee is most important in the process. Hence, in the article, we have discussed the options you can choose to interchange wheels for the grand Jeep Cherokee.

We have also included the stock wheel specifications of the grand jeep Cherokee wheel by contemplating the rims, lug pattern, wheel size, and bolt patterns.

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