how to quiet a noisy car ac compressor

How to Quiet a Noisy Car AC Compressor? Noises & Fixes!!!

Are you suffering from having a noisy car compressor and have no idea what to do about it? If so, you have come to the right place. Here you will learn the causes of having a loud ac compressor and how to quiet a noisy car ac compressor.

If you hear any weird noises from your car AC, it is a sign that the AC is damaged and needs repair. When the summer comes, the last thing you want to happen to your car is a broken air conditioner, as it will make the days harder when driving. You can do a few different things to make the AC compressor’s sound go away. Keep reading to know more details.

What Does a Bad Car AC Compressor Sound Like? 

In some cases, you can easily recognize the fault in your air conditioner just by listening to the sound coming out. So you will have to be aware of the sounds made by your car’s air conditioner.

If you hear a loud shrieking sound coming out of your car, then it may be an indication that there is a problem with the serpentine belt.

If a buzzing sound comes from the air conditioner right after you turn on the AC it may be due to an excess or leaky refrigerant. And, if this is the case, you will have to deal with the problem as soon as possible because it will damage your AC, and you will have to spend a considerable amount of bucks on repairs.

You will hear a knocking or a clicking sound due to the loose mounting bolts in the compressor. You can quickly get this fixed without any mechanical support.

If the compressor is vibrating and makes little noises constantly, you should oil the compressor, and you will quickly get rid of the vibration and the sound.

Why is My AC Compressor So Loud?

As mentioned before, if the AC compressor is making noises, then it is probably because there is a faulty in your AC compressor, and it needs attention. AC compressor creates different types of sound depending on its fault. So you can quickly diagnose the fault of the compressor.

If you hear a loud thud from the AC compressor, it may be because the mounting bolts have loosened up. You can quickly fix this by tightening the mount bolts. A thread-locking compound will help you to get rid of the sound permanently.

Can you Drive with a Noisy AC Compressor?

Yes, you can drive with a broken AC compressor, but it is not wise to continue with a damaged AC compressor. If you leave the damaged AC compressor for extended periods, it will damage more and need more expensive repairs. 

As each part of the car is connected, ignoring the damaged AC compressor will cause faults even in your engine. It will affect the overall efficiency and safety of your vehicle. So make sure you take care of the compressor after you notice any sounds coming out.

How Long Will a Noisy AC Compressor Last?

The compressor is the most important part of your vehicle’s AC system. Without it, your air conditioner will not function. So you have to make sure the compressor is working correctly and should maintain adequately. The average lifetime of a compressor is 10 to 15 years if you take good care of it. 

When it comes to the time that a noisy AC compressor lasts, it depends on the fault you have with the compressor. If there is severe damage to your compressor, you must take necessary actions as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

How Can you Tell If the AC Compressor is Bad in a Car?

There are physical indications that will tell that your AC compressor has gone bad. The first indication is when you hear strange noises coming out. This indicates that the internal parts of the compressor are damaged. You can check it properly by turning off the AC to see if the sound goes away and turning it on again to see if the noises are coming again.

When you turn on the air conditioner and get hot air instead of cold air, then the AC needs attention. It shows that there is a problem with the AC compressor. Most of the time, it shows that refrigerant is low in the compressor. 

If there are fluid leaks, it also indicates that the compressor has gone wrong. The primary purpose of the compressor is to pressurize refrigerant to cool it down. Over time there can be damage to the internal bearing and cause leakages. 

Another way you can tell that the compressor is going wrong is if the compressor’s clutch is stuck. If this happens in your compressor, you can’t replace just the clutch; you will have to replace the compressor.

If you notice any of the issues mentioned above, then take the necessary measures to get the compressor repaired at your earliest.

How to Quiet a Noisy Car AC Compressor?

If you have a noisy car AC compressor, then it will be inconvenient and unpleasant, so you will have to get it fixed as soon as possible. Let’s see how to make the noises stop.

The very first step you can take is that you can replace the compressor. It will be pretty expensive, but if the compressor is old, you will have to replace it with a new one. You can replace only the faulty components if the whole compressor doesn’t need a replacement.

You can also remove refrigerant fluid in the compressor and load it with new refrigerant. And, you will have to make sure you refill it with the correct quantity, as it will make noises if the compressor has excess refrigerant.

Lastly, you can lubricate the necessary components in the compressor because the sounds will increase when they aren’t appropriately lubricated.

Taking the measures mentioned above will help you reduce noise coming out of the AC compressor and enjoy AC without any trouble when driving.

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