how to bypass neutral safety switch

How to Bypass Neutral Safety Switch? All You Need To Know

The neutral safety switch is an important safety feature in your car since it can prevent your car from suddenly starting while you have put the gear. Therefore, if it is showing you some faulty symptoms, you should be quick to replace or repair it. So today, we will be discussing how to bypass the neutral safety switch in this article. This job can be completed by yourself if you preciously follow the guidelines below. Moreover, you will be able to know some additional factors regarding this issue.

What is Neutral Safety Switch on a Vehicle?

In simple words, the starting circuit of the car cannot be completed without activating the neutral safety switch. So, it can restrain the vehicle from starting while the vehicle is in gear by disrupting the current that the battery sends to the starter. But if the vehicle is in neutral or park, the switch does not act so.

This feature comes with automatic transmission vehicles, while manual transmissions come with another fitting that is equal to a neutral safety switch. The good condition of the neutral safety switch is highly important to the engine and transmission because a faulty one can damage them firmly.

How to Test a Neutral Safety Switch?

  • First, find out the place where the neutral safety switch is located using the user manual because the place can differ from model to model. Most of the time, it is located in the transmission cage.
  • After that, you have to check the wires of the switch. You will see a wire connection between the switch and the starter solenoid. When the ignition switch is taken from ‘Open’ to the ‘Start’ position, you will see that the current flow to the starter. Remember to set ‘park’ or ‘neutral’ mode on the transmission while doing this.
  • Now use a 12-volt test light to observe whether the power is in the harness, keeping the gear in ‘reverse.’ The light indicates that the power is there. If you cannot see the light when connecting the wiring and the switch, there may be a damaged or slack wire.

Can you Bypass Neutral Safety Switch?

Yes, it is possible to bypass the neutral safety switch. Indeed, it is vital to maintain the quality of the switch because it is a safety feature in the car. After testing the neutral safety switch according to the aforesaid method, you can go for either a replacement or repair. It is not a good idea to delay it because the engine can be damaged a lot. In general, the cost will be $45 to $100 depending on the factors such as the cost of parts, the technician’s hire, etc.

Can you Bypass Neutral Safety Switch?

How to Bypass Neutral Safety Switch?

You can do this job by yourself instead of getting the service from a professional. But it is only recommended if you have much knowledge and essential tools; otherwise, it is better to get the service from a professional without getting into trouble.

  1. If you hope to fix this issue by yourself, first, you should determine the case by doing the test mentioned above. 
  2. After you find out that the switch does not work, park the vehicle safely to fix the issue and obstruct the battery connection.
  3. Secondly, the vehicle should be elevated using jacks. The jacks will not be needed for vehicles with floor shifters.
  4. Next, you should remove the bolts around the switch carefully to make the switch. At the same time, the wiring harness should be removed. You will need some wrenches and ratchets for this step. This task will be tricky because you need to replace all the stuff as it was at the end of the task, so make sure to note them down.
  5. After that, take the new switch and set all the bolts around it. Place the wires as it was using the tools with a careful hand.
  6. Finally, you will need to test the new one to check whether everything is working. If the vehicle is still starting in any gear, an issue is still there. So, you will have to redo the procedure.

What Happens When the Neutral Safety Switch Fails? 

When the neutral safety switch fails, the vehicle shows some noticeable symptoms. If you could note the following clues, you will have to test the switch.

  1. You will find out that it is hard to crank the vehicle. But randomly, the switch may function, changing through the gears during the standstill mode.
  2. Sometimes, the car will start when it is in ‘neutral’ mode, but it will not, when the vehicle is in ‘park’ mode. In some vehicles, these two situations can be shifted.
  3. Sometimes, the vehicle will crank in any gear. This case is rare but dangerous, so the switch should be replaced immediately.

How Do you Reset a Neutral Safety Switch?

In order to reset the neutral safety switch, follow these incrustations.

  1. First, find the place where the switch is located.
  2. Secondly, restrain the battery connection after you find the switch. Then the engine will not start.
  3. Next, you should find the two wires which are joined to the neutral safety switch. Check the ‘S’ terminal for one, and the other one will be on the ‘I’ terminal.
  4. You have to twist the wire on the ‘S’ terminal till it is rigid. You will need a pair of pliers for that. Do the same thing for the wire on the ‘I’ terminal firmly. Remember to twist the ‘S’ wire clockwise while the ‘I’ wire should be tightened counterclockwise.
  5. Now the neutral safety switch has been reset. So, make the connection of the battery and start the car to check whether the engine starts when you turn the ‘on’ position.

Is there a Fuse for Neutral Safety Switch? 

You already know the function of a neutral safety switch, so you may be wondering whether it has a fuse. Yes, most modern vehicles come with a fuse for that. But some of the old models are not equipped with that. You can easily find out it using the user manual. And if you can notice that the fuse is blowing, you should be quick to replace it since it is meant to work for only one time. The duty of the fuse is to secure the circuit without letting it overload.

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