do hybrid cars need oil changes

Do Hybrid Cars Need Oil Changes? Find Out!!

Hybrid vehicles have made a lot of speech and attention to the world. The debate came to the main stage with the world’s energy crisis. It’s nothing to hide. Many people just need to clarify that “Do hybrid cars need oil changes?”.

In fact, this article clarifies the answer to this question. Why do people really ask a question like this? The main reason for this problem is ignorance. Why say that? Of course, people have only focused on only Hybrid Vehicle’s electricity. This is because we need to learn about the mechanism of Hybrid vehicles. 

There’s something we need to do before. That is, we need to have a little understanding of what hybrid technology is. Now we are going to do it. Then get a little snack and get ready to join this big talk today.

What is Hybrid Tech?

We keep everything very simple. First, let’s look at the process of hybrid vehicle technology.

We must remember here that there are two sources to generate power here. An internal combustion engine and one or more electric motors produce the required power. And a battery is used to generate the energy required for the electric motors. Hybrid cars can never be charged by plugging them directly into a socket. Instead, it uses an automatic regenerative braking system and internal combustion to charge the aforementioned batteries. The main advantage here is that electric motors save significant fuel. To put it more simply, hybrid technology uses both sources of fuel and electricity to produce power.

Why do Cars Need Oil?

Let’s have a little explanation about another part related to our important question. It will be a big help to solve our main problem. Do we really need oil for the car?

You probably know about how an internal combustion engine produces power. A lot of heat is generated in that process. And the engine parts move very fast. Now can you imagine how amazing the process it is? Yes, indeed, it is an amazing process. How can the engine parts moving at such a high speed not be twisted, or the metal parts related to the engine not be worn out at high speed? In terms of heat, how can the process be maintained continuously without damaging the engine parts in such extreme heat?

There you got the answer. Oil takes care of all these things.

Oil is mainly responsible for absorbing the excessive heat produced by the engine and maintaining the engine at a specific optimum temperature. On the other hand, oil reduces the friction between the parts of the fast-moving engine and adds durability to those parts.

Do Hybrid Cars Need Oil Changes? And Why?

Now you know the answer to what we talked about and explained earlier. The simple answer is yes. Even in a hybrid car, the oil needs to be changed. Let’s take a deep look. 

Sometimes we neglect to change the oil in the hybrid vehicle because hybrid vehicles focus more on electricity. Therefore, we have the wrong opinion that changing the oil in hybrid cars is not that important. But it is a completely wrong opinion. A hybrid car must be oiled.

First, you need to think about the hybrid mechanism. In the Hybrid mechanism, the internal combustion engine is essential to driving your vehicle. A hybrid car only differs from a normal car in that electric motors provide some assistance. With this in mind, the oil should be changed like a normal car. Otherwise, you will find it challenging to maintain the efficiency of your hybrid vehicle.

We clearly talked about why oil should be important for a typical car. The main things that came up then were reducing the wear and tear of the engine parts and maintaining the engine heat at an optimum level. There is a more comprehensive understanding of what happens if you don’t change the oil properly in a regular or hybrid vehicle.

The most important thing you must remember here is that regular oil changes are necessary since your hybrid vehicle runs on an internal combustion engine. Oil changes and maintenance are a great help in maintaining the efficiency of your car.

How to Select the Ideal Oil for Your Hybrid Car? 

It’s no secret that you love your hybrid vehicle. Everyone is like that. So you should be careful while looking for oil for your hybrid vehicle. Otherwise, if the oil is changed carelessly, the damage to the engine is enormous. Therefore, according to the manufacturer’s information, you must use the same type of oil recommended for your vehicle.

Similarly, hybrid vehicles use lighter-weight oils. And synthetic oils are also used. If your vehicle manufacturer does not specify the oil type, you can use any commonly used oil.

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What are the Importance of Using the Correct Oil Type?

Primarily because hybrid engines operate at low temperatures, the water that condenses in the engine oil does not reach the temperature required for boiling. The engine oil does not get enough high temperature. Therefore it is difficult to lubricate all the engine parts properly.

When you use the correct type of oil, even sludge build-up in your engine will decrease and shorten the life of your engine.

The danger is that if you don’t use the right type of oil, the oil will build up an electrical charge when it collides with the engine’s electrical components. This, more than anything else, is the most important thing we should be concerned about. Therefore, it is often equipped with electrical insulation for hybrid vehicles.

Final Stroke

Now, if someone asks you, “Do hybrid cars need oil changes” you can give a detailed answer without saying yes. There is no doubt that you love your car very much. Therefore, you should pay a lot of attention to your vehicle. As a lover, don’t hesitate to buy the best thing for your beloved car, significantly when you change the oil.

Check your vehicle’s oil level regularly. Change the oil as soon as necessary. Whether it is a hybrid vehicle or a regular vehicle, a timely oil change is exceptionally essential.

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