where do i connect the parking brake wire

Where Do I Connect the Parking Brake Wire? – You Need To Know 

Many people fail at properly grounding the parking brake wires of their vehicles, which turns out frustrating and cranky. Well, not anymore. If you are often bombarded with questions such as “where do I connect the parking brake wire?”, “how do I connect the parking brake wire?” and other related queries, this article is tailor-made for you. 

All you have to do is stick around and learn everything you want to know about the topic. 

You need to correctly ground your parking brake wire if you want an excellent Bluetooth connection, fun video streaming and many more features your stereo system will enable you to enjoy. 

We mean, who wouldn’t want that? 

So let’s get into it and learn how we can ground the parking brake wire correctly. 

What Does the Parking Brake Cable Connected To? 

We know it is vital to connect the parking brake wire to your vehicle for better control over the android head unit of your car. Also, it is essential to be secured well to keep your vehicle from moving when parked.

But what does the parking brake cable connected to?

Unlike how complicated you might think it is, it is straightforward.

The parking brake wire is connected to the handbrake in your vehicle directly.

The brake wire is mingled with the single wire within the handbrake circuit, and that’s a wrap. Yes, as simple as it is.

If you know the process correctly, you don’t need to seek professional help, which can be expensive compared to doing it yourself.

What Color is Parking Brake Wire? 

Dealing with the vehicle system means dealing with a lot of colorful wires. It leaves you overwhelmed and confused when you do not know the wire you’re looking for.

So among the dozen of wires, which is the parking brake wire?

Where can it be found?

Let us help you spot it.

The parking brake wire is light green in color and runs right off the stereo wiring harness.

Look for it in the pioneer harness, and you’ll identify it.

What Color is Parking Brake Wire? 

Where Do I Connect the Parking Brake Wire? 

The parking brake wire is connected to the android head unit of your vehicle.

However, connecting it to a stereo and bypassing it are two totally different things. People often misunderstand the two things as a similar one. 

But no, they are not.

Bypassing parking braking wire is done to android head units with a touch screen, where you can usually watch movies and stream videos.

You don’t need bypassing to connect the brake wire to a stereo. 

Bypassing and connecting parking brake wires require you to get down and do a few steps to get the outcome running.

Do I Have to Connect Parking Brake Wire on Stereo?


Connecting the parking brake wire to the stereo is easy. (Only if you know where to start and what to do)

And we are here to help you with all of that.

Let us explain how you can connect the parking brake wire to the stereo and enjoy a fun ride.

To kick start, you will need a set of few tools for the process of wiring.

  • Striper
  • Pliers
  • Wires
  • Caps for wires
  • Tape (make sure it is adhesive)
  • Harness (it comes with stereo system)

Once you have all the tools mentioned above, you are ready to get rolling.

Follow the step below to wire the parking brake wire to the stereo

  • Long wires are a pain point in a vehicle. So use your pliers and cut off excess wire from the stock wire. Please do not cut it too short as you won’t be able to reach the stereo. Keep the wire in a size that can be pulled up to the stereo’s location conveniently.
  • Next, spot the parking brake wire. As we already explained, it is in the pioneer harness. It is light green in color.
  • Now strip down the insulation coating of the light green parking brake wire a few inches down. Use the stripper to get this job done efficiently.
  • After you remove the wire’s insulation and get the two wires naked, it is time to wind them. Twist the wires together and insert the wire cap into its open end.
  • Head to the parking brake connection and thread the wire down there. Make sure the relationship is solid and secure. Tape the wire using adhesive tape to ensure there are zero loopholes.
  • And you are done. Check the connection as the final step to confirm if you have done the job perfectly or made any mistakes. Check up on the stereo function. If nothing goes wrong, you have successfully connected the parking brake wire to the stereo.

It was straightforward, wasn’t it? It was.

Can you Drive Without a Parking Brake Cable? 

Please don’t try it, as it can be hazardous in the long run.

Parking brake cable is an essential feature of the vehicle established for securing the safety of the car and the passengers.

Driving without the active cooperation of the brake wire can cause mishaps in your android head unit and the brake system.

However, if your cables are broken and not the rear shoes, there should be no problems with driving.

If the damage is not critical, it is also acceptable to keep driving for some time.

But let’s not leave even a tiny possibility for adverse consequences, shall we?

Hence it is better to get your parking brake cable fixed or replaced in case of damage.

The takeaway is that while it can be safe to drive without a parking brake cable, it also can have minor adverse effects. 

You need to identify the scope of damage before you decide to drive with it.


Bypassing the parking brake wire and connecting the parking brake to the stereo are two different processes. However, correctly connected parking brake wire ensures safe parking and seamless vehicle head unit functionality.

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