How to Fix a Blinking Hyundai Check Engine Light

How to Fix a Blinking Hyundai Check Engine Light? [Easy Steps]

Maintaining a vehicle takes more work than you think. If you have a blinking check engine light on your Hyundai vehicle, you must pay more attention and fix it. In this article, we will talk about the possible reasons why your Hyundai check engine light is blinking and how to fix a blinking Hyundai check engine light.

You should never ignore a blinking engine light on your vehicle, as it may be for many reasons. You will have to find what it is and fix it.

The light of the Hyundai will automatically reset after you have fixed the problem. If you ignore the blinking check engine light, you will damage the engine further, and you will have to spend much more money to fix it, depending on the issue you have in your engine. Always pay attention if the check engine light is blinking in your Hyundai.

What are the Reasons for Blinking the Check Engine Light on Hyundai?

If you have a blinking check light on, this may be due to so many reasons it might be a serious problem or a minor problem. So it is best to look for why your vehicle checks engine light illuminating as you don’t know whether it is a serious or minor problem. You first have to turn the engine off because otherwise, you will damage more of your engine if you don’t know if the problem is serious.

There are some common problems with why the engine light flashes. A loose gas cap, an issue with the oxygen sensor, a problem with the emission system, a fuel system issue, a spark plug problem, an issue with the electronic control system, or a leak in the engine can be shown as the main common problems why your check engine light comes on in your Hyundai.

After you notice the check engine light on your vehicle, please turn off the engine, restart it after a few minutes, and check whether it is still on. If the check engine light is still on, you must contact a mechanic and get help.

How to Fix a Blinking Hyundai Check Engine Light?

Before learning how to fix it, let’s look at how to act after you notice the check engine light is on. First, check for any indications of oil pressure or overheating of the engine. Pull over to a place you are safe to park. If you notice any overheating of the engine, you will have to turn off the engine as soon as possible. This may happen if the engine check light turns red. If this is your vehicle’s problem, you won’t be able to drive further. Therefore, you need to carry the vehicle to a Hyundai service centre with the help of a towing service.

If you notice no serious vehicle problems, look for minor problems you can fix. You can remove the gas cap and replace it. It is something you can do by yourself. Replacing the gas cap will solve the issue most of the time, but the engine light will not turn off just after you fix it. You will have to wait a few more minutes and see whether the light goes off automatically.

You will not have to worry if you can determine the engine light code. And, you can check it online, look for the problem description, and fix it. The engine light code may vary depending on your vehicle model, so be careful that you are in the right direction in fixing your car. Then follow the instructions given, and there you go. You fixed your Hyundai on your own.

Can I Drive With My Check Engine Light On?

The most common problem that most people ask is whether you can drive the Hyundai when the check engine light is on. Yes, you can drive, but that depends on the situation.

If you have an issue with oil pressure or overheating your vehicle, there are better ideas than driving further. You will have to pull over and look for the help of your mechanic. You can’t even drive to the service station; you will have to take the help of a towing service.

If you have any problem other than this, try to turn off the engine and turn it on after a few minutes and check whether the engine light is still on. If so, you can see the gas cap as it may be loose, and it may be a problem to flash the check engine light. Try removing the gas cap and fixing it properly again. Even after you fix this, resetting the check engine light will take a few minutes. So be patient and check it after a few minutes.

How Much will Diagnosing and Fixing the Vehicle Cost If the Engine Light Comes On?

You can’t say the exact amount of how much it will be to fix your vehicle. The amount you will have to spend depends on the problem you have with your vehicle. Normally the investigation will cost you less than 100 dollars, and you will have to spend more for the repair.

So if you have a blinking engine light, do not waste time; go and check for the problem and fix it, or else you will have to spend more money to repair your vehicle’s engine.

It is a Wrap

If you find the check engine light of your Hyundai flashing, save time going and fixing it. If there is a problem with the oil pressure or overheating, do not drive. Pull over as soon as possible, as it will damage your vehicle.

If this is not the case, look for the possible issues in your vehicle and get it fixed by yourself; if it is a problem, you can fix it or, with the help of a mechanic, if it is out of your league.

I hope you got all the answers you need to know regarding the blinking engine light on your Hyundai.

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