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Whipple vs Procharger – Choosing the Right Supercharger for Your Ride!

The automotive industry has been on a rapid development trail with modern applications that are added to the industry’s well-being. Hence why the world of automotive power has gone up until discussions have turned into debates on options to develop your car at home; thus, in this article, we will be discussed based on the topic of superchargers while debating Whipple vs. procharger. We invite you to expect nothing but the exact definition of a supercharger, a Whipple charger, and a charger supercharger. We will then compare the two and, finally, the pros and cons rundown for better acknowledgement.

What is a Supercharger?

The definition of a supercharger is a vital part of an internal combustion engine through which the engine is acquired with compressed air intake. This forced air intake forces more air into the engine’s interior while providing more power in case of displacement.

The definition of a supercharger can be handed out as a heavy technologically based induction powered through a belt gained from the engine crankshaft as another new companion and as an opposition to the turbocharger that ran the world of the automotive industry.

However, with the invention of superchargers in 1878, the place for turbochargers has been slowly deteriorating into the tale of history.

What is the Whipple Supercharger?

A Whipple supercharger is another participant who carried itself in the journey of innovating a new supercharger that has been taking the initial place of the turbocharger. Thus it has gained its name through its stable and reliable functionality.

The Whipple supercharger is a creation of the renowned Art Whipple. As one, he had an amazingly successful career in the racing field; with his experience in the auto industry, he got into the making of Whipple in 1991.

The supercharger has many amazing features like the rotor profile, astonishing design and stable efficiency. Thus, the Whipple supercharger has been going around the world for about 50 countries, originating in the USA.

What is Procharger Supercharger?

Here comes the next opponent of today’s debate: the ProCharger supercharger. The ProCharger supercharger is also a known supercharger that has been designed and developed by Accessible Technologies Inc., which is a working manufacturer that holds the pride of developing the centrifugal compressing supercharger.

In this supercharger, the engine is supplied with a flow of continuous compressed air to power it so that the engine is always at its peak. The charger superchargers began their journey towards the automotive industry 1993 in Lenexa, Kansas.

What is Procharger Supercharger

The supercharger is known for its functionality even on the day-to-day normal vehicle, as it allows normal cars to have the sensation of extra power going through their veins more safely.

Whipple vs Procharger


There won’t be a big difference when it comes to the features of these two Whipple and ProCharger superchargers.

However, if you pay close attention, you will notice some differences starting from the features of the Procharger, which has the feature of the maximum rate of supercharging HP  1450 while the max rated supercharging flow is 2700. Moreover, the max-rated boost pressure becomes 38. The charger has the ability of standard and reverse rotation.

Moving on to the Whipple supercharger, which works with the new OTA style PCM. The Whipple supercharger has a flat torque curve for amazing acceleration while carrying more and more boost to hit than any other twin-screw air compressor.


The performance of these two superchargers changes slightly with the sole purpose of their functionality.

A supercharger is supposed to control the heat of the intake air, which will be compromised into much hotter air within the engine as the compression is happening within the engine.

Thus the vitality is to take on more air that is cooler as the more they take in hot air, the less the performance of the superchargers will be, hence why the ProCharger supercharger does a better job at taking cooler air than the Whipple supercharger.

At the same time, the boost pressure of the charger still seeks vengeance in the battle towards the Whipple supercharger.


The topic of price will become one of the prominent subjects in this article, as the slight difference between these two superchargers will only make it harder for the dear reader to choose one supercharger for your vehicle.

However, with the price point of these two superchargers, you could make a decision. The Whipple charger, which provides better stability and durability to the vehicle, will cost up to $5700-$10,000 without the cost of instalment, which will be very high with the durational instalment that it needs. However, the ProCharger supercharger costs $5500 to $8800 without the installation charges.


You never want your vehicle to sound like a trucker, so why the noise created by the supercharger is a beneficial point to discuss when you are determined to buy one of the superchargers.

With its twin screw installation, the Whipple supercharger has placed itself on top of the engine, which makes a lot of sense why the Whipple supercharger cries like an abandoned cow when the vehicle is on the run.

While the ProCharger supercharger is inside the engine making much less noise, mainly at the start of the engine, it is considered a much more sane noise for the ears of the dear drivers and a much more pleasure for the dear readers.

Pros and Cons of Whipple and Procharger Superchargers

The Whipple and the charger, while carrying some outstanding features, still have some cons which will make you question your current aim of buying the desired choice. Therefore, for more clarification, we bring you a clean and clear comparison of the pros and cons of these superchargers: Whipple and Procharger. Thus the pros and cons will verify your decision to buy either.




·         Best known for its amazing ability to pull off any driving ranging from street driving, towing or even in drag racing.

·         The charger ensures maximum functionality at revs of RPM.

·         The supercharger is equipped with the exquisite feature of a steady power curve.


·         The supercharger is super in its features and as well on the cost as well.

·         The cost also speaks up to its noise which becomes unbearable for the ears.

·         It takes much longer to settle in the car’s engine, making the installation easy.



·         The supercharger is more suited for daily driving processes.

·         Procharger is its maximum performing ability when it hits higher RPMs or revs.

·          Procharger is easy to be installed.

·         The supercharger performance goes down when the revs and RPMs are low.

·         Not the exact match for towing and also for more powerful curves.

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