why do my windshield wipers squeak

Why Do My windshield Wipers Squeak? [Solved]

Experiencing squeaking windshield wipers can be both distracting and annoying, especially during a drive. In order to drive safely, it is essential to have windshield wipers in optimal condition.

In this guide, we will let you know why windshield wipers squeak and how to fix the issue.

Why Do My Windshield Wipers Squeak?

Windshield wipers squeaking can be a nuisance, but it’s often an issue that can be resolved with simple fixes. Let’s explore the common reasons and our tested solutions for this problem.

  • The build-up of Dirt and Debris

We’ve found that grime, sand, and pollen are frequent causes of squeaky wipers. Regularly cleaning your windshield and blades with a suitable cleaner can significantly reduce this friction.

  • Bug Splatter Issues

Dried-on bugs can be particularly abrasive, acting like sandpaper. We recommend using a bug remover spray for the windshield to tackle this issue effectively. It will if you read our guide on how to get bugs off the windshield to prevent this hassling issue. 

  • Hardened Rubber

Over time, the rubber on the blades can become dry and hard, losing its flexibility. We suggest replacing your wiper blades annually, or as soon as you notice any signs of hardening. If you want, you can replace only the rubber of the windshield rubber

  • Damage to Blades

Any cracks, tears, or missing sections in the blades can cause uneven movement and squeaking. Inspecting your wipers periodically for such damage is a good preventive measure.

  • Lack of Lubrication

A lack of lubrication can lead to squeaky blades. We’ve had good results with using a wiper blade conditioner or rubbing alcohol to maintain smooth operation.

  • Correct Blade Alignment

Improperly aligned blades may not contact the windshield effectively, leading to noise. Adjusting the angle to ensure full contact can solve this issue.

  • Wiper Arm Complications

Though less common, a failing wiper arm can disrupt the blade’s movement. If adjustments and blade changes don’t help, it might be worth checking the wiper arm.

How to Fix Windshield Wipers Squeaking?

Stopping windshield wipers from squeaking often involves simple cleaning and maintenance steps. We’ve tried and tested various methods and here’s what we recommend for a squeak-free experience.

  • Using Warm, Soapy Water

Start with washing your windshield and wiper blades using warm, soapy water. This often solves the problem by removing the dirt and debris causing the squeak.

  • Applying Rubbing Alcohol

For a deeper clean, we suggest wiping down the wiper blades with rubbing alcohol. It’s effective in removing stubborn grime and surface oils.

  • Silicone Wiper Blade Lubricant

A thin layer of silicone lubricant on the blades can work wonders. It reduces friction and keeps the rubber supple, helping to eliminate squeaking.

  • Alternative Household Lubricants

In a pinch, baby oil or even bar soap can provide temporary relief. However, they’re not as effective as silicone lubricants for long-term use.

When addressing the wear and tear of windshield wipers, it’s important to start by inspecting the blades for any signs of damage, such as cracks or hardening. If you find that the blades are in poor condition, replacing them is a wise move.

This not only stops the squeaking but also ensures a clean, streak-free wipe. Another key aspect is checking the alignment of the wiper arms. Properly aligned wiper arms that make full contact with the windshield are crucial for preventing squeaking.

For more advanced fixes, you might consider wiper blade resurfacing, a service offered by some stores that can be a cost-effective alternative to replacing the entire blade. Additionally, the pivot points of the wiper arms often accumulate dirt and grime, hindering smooth motion.

Cleaning these pivot points with a lubricant, like WD-40, can greatly improve wiper movement and prevent squeaking. Regular attention to these aspects will ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your wipers. For a better idea, read our guide on how to clean windshield wiper blades

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