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What Does Battery Discharge Warning KIA Mean? Factors & Fixes

Battery discharge warning KIA

All cars have caution signs, as you know, but Kia has a feature called a battery discharge warning light. Let’s see the battery discharge warning in KIA; what is that? How to deal with that? And how to keep that issue away from your car. 

Although a battery discharge signal doesn’t indicate a battery problem, it indicates how your Kia automobile battery is currently performing.

This sign tells you that you are using more power than giving to the battery. It could be shown for many reasons.

Even when the car is running, the warning will appear on your dash if the battery drains more electricity than recharging electricity.

What Does Battery Discharge Warning KIA Mean?

The battery discharge warning lets you know when the battery in the vehicle is being discharged significantly more than it is recharged or isn’t getting a good charge.

If you don’t fix the issues, the problems could get out of hand. Consequently, often check your vehicle’s dashboard and respond to any warnings.

What are the Reasons for the Battery Discharge Warning KIA?

If your Kia automobile battery is not recharging and is continually discharging, you will see a battery discharge alert on the dash. Some reasons for this problem could be serious, and some are not an issue.

Faulty Battery

An insufficient amount of electricity in the cell could make your bulbs less bright or make the vehicle crank hard when starting. A battery can survive about 60 months at its maximum. The life of your cell could be reduced by hot weather, etc.

Defective Alternator

The alternator is a significant element of an automobile. It is the device which charges your battery and power the electricals when the ignition is on. An alternator stops charging the cell after 125k kilometres. A defective alternator can possibly discharge the battery faster than usual, and sometimes it’ll lead you to tow your vehicle.

Using the Electric Components While the Engine is Off

The battery discharge warning isn’t an error sometimes. Some of the automobile components can be turned on without a key in Kia. Such as Hazard lights, headlamps, dashcams, etc.

Before you start your Kia car’s engine, the following items will begin consuming power: air conditioning, power windows, power mirrors, an infotainment system, etc. 

Therefore, if you switch on these devices while the battery in the Kia vehicle is not completely charged, you will receive a “Battery discharge Warning” message. Of course, if your car battery is recharged, you won’t always have this warning. 

How to Fix the Battery Discharge Warning in the KIA?

Turn On The Vehicle

certainly, the continuous use of your infotainment system, charging devices, or air conditioning while your car’s engine isn’t running is causing you to get the battery drain notice. 

If enough juice is left in the battery, the engine will crank up and recharge the battery via the alternators. If not, you should jump or push-start your KIA. You won’t see the warning if your car cell starts to restore.

Keep Your Battery Healthy

battery discharge alert remains on after starting or restarting your car, so you might need to do some quick battery service.

Start by examining all of the cables, the coolant level, and any traces of corrosion or rust.

You should also keep track of the battery’s sulfuric acid level. If the acid level is low, you can refill it with distilled water or take it to the proper mechanic.

Reset the Battery Switch

In selected KIA vehicles, the battery drain warning is a preventative measure. More recent versions may incorporate battery reset pushbuttons to prevent additional battery depletion, in which the computer disengages the 12V battery pack.

Get a New Battery

You have no option but to do this after every solution you made has failed.

If the battery on your vehicle is expired (used above the company recommended period) or malfunctioning, you just need to get your KIA a new battery for a troubleless drive.

Turn off the Warning Light

Various Kia versions have various ways to turn off the battery discharge alert, which We won’t suggest, but you can do that if it’s too annoying.


Can a Battery Pack Might it Self-Discharge?

Your batteries may start to discharge on their own while you’re riding if the vehicle’s recharging system is not really operating properly. Many cars use alternators for their headlamps, radios, as well as other devices, which perpetuates battery consumption when there is a recharging issue.

What is the Best Way to Repair a Self-discharge Vehicle?

Maintaining cells in colder weather decreases the pace of self-discharge and retains the original energy contained in the cell.

How Can You Identify If the Problem is with your Alternator or Battery?

Suppose you review your vehicle with the help of a jump start, but the car dies soon after removing the jump-starting wires. In that case, Your car’s alternator is probably incapable of recharging. Although, if you help revive the vehicle and it subsequently struggles to begin on its own, the cell is probably dead.

Is it Beneficial to Repair an Alternator?

Problems with the alternator will not resolve themselves. They’ll ultimately be required to be corrected, and if you put it off, the problems can worsen, necessitating more repair work and raising your expenses. Most of the time, repairs are significantly easier and less expensive if you address the problem immediately.

Does the KIA Warranty Include Battery Cells?

For six years or 60k kilometres, the automobile’s battery is protected by a temporary guarantee. A faulty cell would be changed at no charge to you for the duration of the manufacturer’s warranty, which is Six years or 60k kilometres. Kia entirely covers the costs of the new battery, installation, and diagnostics.


The battery discharge warning KIA is a useful reminder for you and your car. This prevents the situation of push-starting or jump-starting your car. Make sure to keep your car away from these kinds of issues. Always drive safely.

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