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Powder-coating Brake Calipers – Enhance Performance and Style!

We all love to dress up our car just as we try to dress on certain occasions. However, the dress-up of a car is not as simple as our dress-ups, as the automotive designs are heavily priced. However, most of these automotive developing and designing components are heavily priced and do not satisfy the hunger of the vehicle enthusiast looking to modify their car with a big makeover. Hence why powder coating brake calipers come into the discussion with a superb hit of popularity and success, which we will discuss in this article, beginning by delivering the most accurate definition of what a powder coating actually is.

What are Powder-coating Brake Calipers?

A powder coating is a dry finishing method that is a highly utilized coating method in the modern world in which users have seen many great benefits and overall finishes.

Though the powder coating on your calipers will be quite different from the paint coating of the caliper, it will grant you a better finish and better durability.

In this method, you must separate the calipers from the vehicle and clean them excessively before delving with the powder coat.

Once the cleaning is done, they will use a special spray gun that uses an electrostatic charge to the powder, consisting of a witch’s broth of pigment, resin, curing agents and more.

Once the spraying is done, the calipers go straight into an oven, which will be baked within the heat of 400 Fahrenheit maximum. Thus baking will give you the outcome, which is a glazy first-class appearance.

Benefits of Powder Coating Calipers

In this segment, we will be discussing exactly what those benefits are.

One of those advantages is the aesthetically pleasing outlook of your car. The calipers are customized to match your car, and you will make a great investment in the outer appearance of your car. Thus the glassy finishing will make a great deal for all the vehicle enthusiasts on the ride.

Moreover, the calipers are mostly known to deal with all sorts of stuff that will hit them hard on their face with corrosion. However, with the powder coating and its protective layer against corrosion and other dirt and debris, you can find solace from corrosion issues.

As we mentioned above, when powder coated, the clippers go through a heat of 400 Fahrenheit, making them durable for high heat, about 400 Fahrenheit, which will not be a typical day-to-day occasion.

How Much does Caliper Coating Cost?

The cost of the powder caliper coating is a must-know when it comes to determining what to use for the coating, the powder or the normal paint. Thus one must ensure they do great research on the price ranges before determining.

First, we will see the price range of the paint coating over the clippers, which is the cheaper option.

It will cost about $250 to $450 to paint the calipers professionally; if added, the decals with special paint will be about $200 per each.

Now the powder painting method on calipers usually starts at $50 to $60 per caliper, which increases up to $1000 if done professionally to the highest possible quality.

Powder Coating vs Painting Brake Calipers

Now we have discovered the price points of these two methods that we could use to coat the calipers, and still, there are many differences between the pain and the powder coating, which we will present to you in this segment.

First of all, when it is time to discuss the beauty, the paint coating is not ideal; in which the distance picture will look much identical to the powder coating while the near picture will show many faults in sight.

However, when it comes to the powder coating, it makes sure your calipers are the stars of the town at any distance.

Then durability and longevity become the matter at hand as the spray-painted calipers will survive with a lot of chips and breakdowns for about 3 or 4 years, while the powder coating can survive more than four years without any complication on it as well.

How Long Do Powder-coated Calipers Last

How Long Do Powder-coated Calipers Last?

Other than the price and the potential benefits of the powder coating, there is another thing that you should consider before heading out to the professionals about the longevity of the clipper coating.

Thus with the mixture of the powder coating designed through sealants, curing applications, resin, and all the other chemicals, along with the procedure to make sure the powder is in an oven of 400 Fahrenheit, the coat seem to last for about 4 or 5 years without any complications of chipping or stripping offs.

However, for the occasional chip on the caliper with the powder coat, there is no easy repairing as well.

Can I Ceramic Coat Brake Calipers?

The caliper coating is not limited to only two materials we have discussed: paint and powder. You have many more options in the market that will give you greater results, just like the powder coating.

One of those options is the ceramic coat which is highly used in the automotive industry to coat the wheels, the car paint layer for a glassy and classy finished look. Now you can use the ceramic coating on calipers as well.

The ceramic coating provides strong and hefty protection to the caliper as it goes through a lot within a ride.

The ceramic coating can defend your calipers against the worst enemies of the calipers, which are stones, dust and debris, while making it easier to clean the calipers with the ceramic coating.

What Type of Caliper Paint is Best?

What happens if you could only make up your budget for the paint coating, as the powder coating is much more expensive than the paint coating? Well, do not worry at all! You still have the chance to make your money’s worth of service and output. Hence, in this segment, we will introduce you to some of the best paint options in the modern market.

  • POR – 15 Caliper Paint

This is the most significant paint out of all these options we have presented for you, as this one is considered the best paint you could use to coat the calipers. The paint is highly reliable to stick with the caliper even on higher temperature occasions,

Moreover, the paint provides a longer life span on the caliper through any kind of drive and climate, dust or debris exposure.

Furthermore, the paint is installed through a simple coating procedure, in which the process is limited to only three steps.

  • Rust-Oleum Caliper Paint
  • G2 High-Temperature Brake Caliper Paint System
  • VHT Brake Caliper Paint
  • Dupli-Color Caliper paint
  • Hycote Caliper paint

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