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Michelin vs Cooper Tires – Battle of the Tires!

Michelin vs Cooper tires; are two of the popular brands we have for tires. In case you’re thinking as to which one to choose, this article is for you. We decide on the tire brand based on performance, durability, price and customer satisfaction. We always think about which brand we can trust in the long run. This article will discuss the key differences between the two in terms of tread life, comfort, price, performance, etc. Keep reading to make your decision easier.

What are the Key Differences Between Michelin vs Cooper Tires?

Both tires are equal in terms of quality and longevity and are quite popular in the market, with nearly everyone using them for their vehicles. When choosing a tire for our vehicle, we must consider as to which tire excels at all seasons and all types of roads. It doesn’t even matter whether it’s for a summer, winter or off-road drive. The tire should excel highly. Here we will discuss the major differences between the two.

Features Michelin Cooper
Performance both tires have equal footing on the performance, and they are both designed well enough for great maneuverability and safety

But compared to Cooper, Michelin has the upper hand with a really attractive and low rolling resistance and braking.


These tires are so much the same as Michelin, but sometimes these tires are known to cause trouble in bad road conditions. They are known to lose control, which isn’t a Starpoint to appreciate.
Durability The tires are considered to be more long-lasting than the Cooper tires. They are excellent, reliable and durable enough to use for many years to come.


Compared to Michelin, Coopers are constantly replaced even though they have an excellent track record for being so long-lasting.
Price Michelin, with their incredible performance and longevity. These tires aren’t as budget-friendly as the Coopers. But if you would afford a high-priced tire, you could go for Michelin. Costs around $200-$360.


The Coopers are a type of mid-range tires designed for an affordable as well as a lower price. It’s a really good bargain for their excellent performance. Costs around $140.
Quality As their costs suggest, these tires are of high quality, the reason why they are a little pricy compared to Cooper. They have a proven track record for being the least defective or having the lowest defect rate.


Compared to Michelin, they aren’t bad with quality at all. In fact, they are incredible tires. But with uncertainty on the defect rate and their tire quality designed for the mid-range category, they are second to Michelin.


Reputation  Well, the name says it all. Michelin is surely on the top for its reputation for being an incredible manufacturer of excellent quality tires. They have mostly demanded tires with a clean slate for great customer satisfaction.


Compared to Michelin, their reputation is second to the one Michelin has earned. But these tires are pretty great quality tires and do have an excellent reputation of their own.


How Do Michelin and Cooper’s Tires Compare in Terms of Tread Life?

If we want to know how the tires would perform years later on the road, we should definitely look for the tread life. This is because the tread life is that important for deciding on the hard use, wear and tear of our tires.

A Michelin tire starts with a tread of about 10/23 inches, and the depth of the tread wears out when it hits around 2/32. That’s when we have to replace them.

And Cooper tires have silica-added tires for slowing down the wear, and the tire has a good tread life too. They are guaranteed to last for nearly 50 000 to 80 000 km, depending on how the tread pattern and size of the tires are made.

Their tires have a starting depth of 12/32 which is much better than the 10/32 of Michelin tires.

What is the Performance of Michelin and Cooper Tires in Wet and Dry Conditions?

Both tire brands are excellent for all seasonal conditions. Especially the CS5 of the Cooper brand could literally withstand all-terrain, wet traction and also has a great dry weather performance as well with all their extra safety features built-in. But one drawback we find is Cooper has trouble when braking on icy roads. They are so much better for warm climate conditions.

What is the Performance of Michelin and Cooper Tires in Wet and Dry Conditions

At the same time, even Michelin is no second when it comes to all-season performance. They have such a strong grip with the ability to withstand excellently on wet roads and dry roads. Their treadwear of 70 000 to 80 000 km is contributing with great responsiveness.

How Do Michelin and Cooper’s Tires Compare in Terms of Noise and Comfort?

Michelin, when compared with Cooper, is famous for its peace and quiet. You barely even hear the tires hitting the road. It is mostly because of their tread’s low resistance to rolling. Even the Cooper tires are as much as comfortable and safe as the Michelin. They are both equally good at making less or no noise and giving the drivers a very comfortable ride.

What is the Price Difference Between Michelin and Cooper Tires?

Both of them, in comparison, do have an obvious price difference. As we discussed earlier, Michelin tires are very expensive, with a starting price of $105 to a whopping $360.

The reason is their incredible wear and tear, their excellent warranty and good quality rubber, silicon and other durable performance-related factors. Their tires do deserve the whopping high price.

The Cooper tire is mostly designed for mid-range use, so they use a much quality material but with a tread depth matching their affordable price range and are also willing to give us a free tire replacement with a good warranty as well. Their tires are priced at around $140.

What is the Reputation of Michelin and Cooper in the Tire Industry?

Both of them have a good reputation over the years for their tire quality and performance. But Cooper, compared to Michelin, falls short on the level of premium condition. Michelin has a great fan base, with so many of their extremely satisfied customers appraising their good work, compared to the complaints Cooper receives over the years on their tires.

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