how to clean the inside of your car windshield

How to Clean the Inside of Your Car Windshield? Effective Ways!

“How to Clean the Inside of Your Car Windshield” is a crucial aspect of vehicle maintenance that impacts both aesthetics and safety. Most importantly, a clear windshield ensures optimal visibility, which is an essential thing for safe driving. This guide covers the best practices and effective techniques for removing dirt, haze, and grime from your car’s interior windshield. From understanding why windshields accumulate dirt to mastering the art of streak-free cleaning, we provide step-by-step instructions and pro tips to achieve crystal-clear results. Whether you’re tackling stubborn haze or seeking a regular, systematic approach to windshield cleaning, this informed blog post will be your go-to resource for maintaining a spotless windshield.

Why Does Your Windshield Pick Up So Much Dirt?

Your windshield picks up so much dirt due to a variety of factors, such as heat, smoke, human touch, and so on. Get an idea about these causes and try to minimize their contact with your windshield.  

  • Outgassing from the Dashboard: Heat causes the plastic and vinyl materials of the dashboard to release gases, which condense on the windshield, creating a filmy layer.
  • Smoke and Vapors: Cigarette smoke and vapors from air fresheners or other in-car products can leave a residue on the inside of the windshield.
  • Touch and Human Contact: Fingerprints, smudges, and oils from skin contact contribute to the accumulation of dirt on the windshield.
  • External Factors: When windows are opened, dust, pollen, and other environmental pollutants can enter the car and settle on the windshield.
  • Moisture and Condensation: Moisture from the car’s ventilation system or external humidity can cause condensation, which attracts and holds dirt particles.

How to Clean the Inside of Your Car Windshield?

To clean the inside of your car windshield effectively, primarily you will need a good-quality glass cleaner. To achieve the best results, follow each one of these steps. 

  1. Gather Your Materials: First of all, you will need a microfiber towel, glass cleaner, and distilled water. But avoid ammonia-based cleaners as they can damage window tints and other surfaces. And it would be better to park the car where you can clearly see the glass. 
  2. Prepare the Windshield: Start by wiping the windshield with a dry microfiber cloth to remove any loose dust and debris.
  3. Apply the Cleaner: Now, spray the glass cleaner onto a clean microfiber cloth, not directly onto the windshield, to avoid drips and over-spray on the dashboard.
  4. Wipe in a Specific Pattern: Begin at the passenger side and wipe in a circular motion, gradually moving towards the driver’s side. This ensures even coverage and reduces streaks.
  5. Address Tough Spots: For stubborn grime or oily residues, you can use a bit of rubbing alcohol on a cloth.
  6. Buff for a Streak-Free Finish: After cleaning, use a fresh, dry microfiber cloth to buff the windshield, eliminating any streaks or cleaner residue.
  7. Clean the Wipers: Wipe down the wiper blades, too, using the same cleaner to prevent them from redepositing dirt.

The key to streak-free results lies in the quality of the materials used and the technique of cleaning. And remember that regular upkeep of your windshield is a small yet significant aspect of vehicle maintenance.

Tips for Successful Windshield Cleaning

Tips for successful windshield cleaning involve a combination of the right tools, techniques, and regular upkeep. Let us explain them further to you.

  1. Choose the Right Cloth: Use a microfiber cloth for cleaning and drying the windshield. It’s lint-free and won’t leave streaks or residue.
  2. Select Appropriate Cleaners: Opt for automotive glass cleaners, avoiding ammonia-based products, especially if your car has tinted windows.
  3. Clean in the Shade: Perform the cleaning in a shaded area. The reason why, direct sunlight can cause the cleaner to evaporate quickly, leading to streaks.
  4. Use Distilled Water: If you’re diluting your cleaner, use distilled water because tap water can leave mineral deposits on the glass.
  5. Apply Cleaner to Cloth, Not Glass: To prevent over-spray on the dashboard or other surfaces, spray the cleaner onto your cloth first and wipe.
  6. Use Circular to Horizontal Strokes: Wipe in a circular motion initially, then finish with horizontal strokes for a streak-free finish.
  7. Clean Wiper Blades: Wipe the wiper blades with the same cleaner to prevent dirt from transferring back to the windshield.
  8. Regular Maintenance: Regular cleaning prevents buildup and maintains visibility.

How to Prevent Dirt on your Windshield?

In order to prevent dirt accumulation on your windshield, you need to practice some tips. They are as follows: 

  1. Regular Cleaning: Clean your windshield regularly, both inside and out. Use a high-quality automotive glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth for effective cleaning without leaving streaks.
  2. Use Windshield Treatment: Apply a water-repellent treatment to your windshield. Products like Rain-X can help repel water, reduce the buildup of water spots, and make it easier to clean off dirt and bugs.
  3. Replace Wiper Blades Regularly: Worn or damaged wiper blades can cause streaks and smears on your windshield. Thus, it is advisable to replace them every 6 to 12 months or as soon as you notice a decline in performance.
  4. Park Smart: Whenever possible, park your vehicle in a garage or undercover to protect it from bird droppings, tree sap, and exposure to excessive dirt and dust.
  5. Keep the Windshield Washer Fluid Topped Up: Ensure your windshield washer fluid reservoir is always full with a quality cleaning solution, especially during the winter months when road salt and grime are more prevalent.
  6. Avoid Touching the Glass: Minimize touching the windshield with your hands, as oils from your skin can leave marks and attract dirt.
  7. Regularly Check for Chips or Cracks: Small chips or cracks can collect dirt and can worsen over time. Therefore, repair any damage promptly to prevent further issues.
  8. Clean Wiper Blades: Wipe down your wiper blades with a clean cloth and some windshield washer fluid to remove dirt and debris.
  9. Avoid Following Closely Behind Other Vehicles: This can reduce the amount of dust and debris that gets kicked up onto your windshield.

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