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Falken vs Michelin Tires – What is the Best Choice for Your Vehicle?

How wonderful would it be if even the bumpiest road in the world felt like heaven? The fortune of such a sensation will only come if you have made the right choice for your life partner: your vehicle. However, even the most match-made partner could become your arch nemesis if you haven’t picked the accurate set of tires to fit your travel buddy. In that case, we face two humongous giants carrying a bunch of qualifications to start a new journey with you. Finally, we meet Falken Tire and Michelin Tire. Now it is not a battle between your thought. Now, it is Falken vs Michelin tires.

What are Falken Tires?

Falken tires were originally invented in 1983, which was quite a sedate appearance in the tire industry, comparing its modern state of popularity. Falken Tire brand is yet another epic production of Sumitomo Rubber Industries.

The popularity and industrial rebellion this inferior brand has made have caused a social whisper saying this brand is owned by an American company. Nevertheless, the Falken Tire brand is, in fact, owned by a Japanese company.

This branded tire is for passenger cars, light and medium weighed trucks, crossovers and SUVs. Many top-tier companies present their tires at high prices and, of course, with high quality; however, in Falken, they present high quality at reasonably low prices. How copious is that? If taken care of, Falken tires will last long for 6 years maximum, and you should not be using the same tires for more than 6 years if you are using the Falken brand.

What are Michelin Tires?

Michelin tires can be considered the ancestral tire brand of the world regarding quality and popularity. The brand came to life in 1888 by the Michelin brothers Andre and Edouard.

Indisputably the Michelin tire brand has been in the industry for over a century and has won a quite deluxe position in such a competitive industry. Like the Falken brand, the Michelin tires had to go through multiple rounds of mysterious gossip, saying it is an American brand. However, it, in fact, is a French brand.

In the beginning, they produce tires for bicycles and horse-drawn carriages. Later in history, they produced detachable pneumatic tires for Paris- Bordeaux road race.

The entrance into the road race world changed their destiny as they reached a higher market with multiple races on the winning list.

However, despite all these compliances, Michelin tires are more expensive while delivering a more qualified product.

Performance Comparison: Falken vs Michelin Tires

The perpetual grip of a tire on the road and the sturdy handling of the tire are some of the major things you must consider when purchasing a tire.

Falken tires are built using a silica compound and a professional interrogation of a couple of techs, enabling the tire to possess better grip and handling on wet surfaces.

The Michelin tires are also produced with additional advanced compounds and techs to serve wet surfaces vigorously. In that case, both the tires stand at a similar level on wet surface grip and handling.

Nonetheless, the grip on the dry surfaces creates a tiny scar on Falkens as they have less grip on dry lands almost in every edition. At the same time, Michelin tires take the lead in dry land grip as their wide and deep grooves handle the dry land very well.

Falken tires usually last a mile range of 55000- 70000, while Michelin models can easily last the mile range up to 80000. Thus the Michelin tires hold the trophy of durability and tread life.

Nonetheless, the Falken tire models have provided its customers 2 types of warranties (55000-mile tread life + 50-year customer support). In contrast, Michelin tire models only have provided a 60000-mile tread life warranty.

Price Comparison: Falken vs Michelin Tires

The precise decision always depends on comparing the prices when purchasing goods. The comparison between the Falkens and the Michelins is like the north and south poles, as the brands have taken their separate marketing and delivery strategies.

Falken tires are much cheaper than Michelin tires and are a good choice for a law-budget buyer. Though it is a low-budget tire, it still has great quality but not much as the Michelin tires.

The Falken tires are low-budget friendly, yet they have maintained their name for quality tires without any error. How is that possible with a low price rate? One may ask. The answer is that they originated from an ancestral rubber company in Japan, allowing them to access materials in-house.

Furthermore, the Falken Tire brand has been known for its massive investments in technological research to amp up its product. Nonetheless, Michelin tires are on the pricier list as they have been in the industry for a long time and have consistently produced the best products for over a decade.

With their low defective rates, their price points are legitimate. Moreover, the longevity of the tire also has affected this high price.

Which Brand Should you Choose? Falken vs Michelin Tire

Which Brand Should you Choose? Falken vs Michelin Tire

Decisions are vital. Determining a tire for your vehicle and your purposes should be considered a huge decision as it could rewrite your entire horoscope, including the day of your death. Thus, your budget, driving style, tire brand, tire longevity, and tire durability must be considered.

All these factors will lead you to your ideal tire. If you are much of a racer and love to be a risk taker by off-roading even in the winter season under a low budget compromise with 6-year longevity attached with 2 warranties, Falken tire models are your lucky charms. Many other driving choices for your driving thrive include Falken wild-peak A/T3W, Westlake SL369 and Atturo Trail BaldeX/T or A/T.

If you are a calm, economically gifted, mundane, living your life at a slow pace with occasional rage while driving on dry roads in your area, Michelin tire must be your first choice as it also gives you much longer durability, which will be a massive help for your peaceful life. Moreover, the production of Michelin tires is aimed at various types of vehicles, even for heavy plants.

There are many other choices for your driving interests, including tire brands like Goodyear, Cooper, Bridgestone, Pirelli and, lastly, continental.

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