can you have a phone mount on your windshield

Can you have a Phone Mount On your Windshield? Navigating the Rules!

“Can you have a phone mount on your windshield?” is a question many drivers ponder as they seek a balance between accessibility and safety. In fact, you have to consider different aspects, including legal permission, before mounting a phone on your windshield. In this comprehensive guide, we will be discussing the legality, practicality, and safety considerations of using a windshield phone mount. From understanding the varied legal landscapes across different regions to learning the correct methods of mounting your phone, this article covers essential aspects to ensure your setup is both lawful and secure. Whether you’re a daily commuter or an occasional driver, this informed blog post will equip you with all you need to know about safely and legally using a phone mount on your windshield. So, let’s get started!

Can you have a Phone Mount On your Windshield?

Yes, you can have a phone mount on your windshield if it is allowed according to the traffic law in your area. 

Therefore, you have to check the specific traffic laws and regulations of your state or country first.

In some regions, mounting a phone on the windshield is legal, but in others, it may be restricted or prohibited due to potential obstruction of the driver’s view.

We have condensed some key factors to consider if you are eager to mount the phone on your windshield. 

  1. Check Local Laws: First of all, research the traffic laws in your area regarding windshield mounts. This information is often available on government or road safety websites.
  2. Consider the Mount’s Position: If allowed, position the mount in a spot that doesn’t obstruct your view of the road. Typically, lower corners of the windshield are recommended.
  3. Size of the Mount: You should opt for a compact and unobtrusive mount that holds your phone securely without taking up too much windshield space.
  4. Use Responsibly: Ensure that the phone is used for navigation or hands-free communication only. It is a must not to interact with your phone while driving.
  5. Alternative Mounting Options: If windshield mounts are not permitted, consider alternative options like dashboard mounts or vent clips.

Always prioritize safety and legality when choosing and positioning a phone mount in your vehicle. The key is to maintain clear visibility and minimize distractions while driving.

Is It Legal to Mount a Phone On your Windshield?

It is legal to mount a phone on the windshield in some countries and states, including the US states – Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Mississippi, New York, etc.

Different states and countries have distinct laws and regulations regarding this practice.

Since the phone mount can disturb the driver’s view, some countries and states do not allow this practice. 

To ensure you are following the law, you should check the specific vehicle code or traffic laws of your state or region, often accessible online on DMV or government websites.

Make sure to find out the legal size and placement restrictions for windshield mounts in your area.

Even if legal, the mount should not obstruct your view of the road, traffic signs, or signals. And if windshield mounts are illegal, explore other options like dashboard mounts or vent clips.

Adhering to these guidelines will help ensure that you stay compliant with local laws while using a phone mount in your vehicle.

How to Mount a Phone On then Windshield?

To mount a phone on the windshield effectively and safely, you can follow these guidelines. 

  1. Select the Right Mount: First and foremost, choose a windshield mount that is sturdy, adjustable, and compatible with your phone size. Look for one with a strong suction cup for secure attachment.
  2. Clean the Windshield: Before mounting, clean the area of the windshield where you plan to attach the mount. The reason why, a clean surface ensures better suction and stability.
  3. Position the Mount: It is highly important to place the mount in a spot that does not obstruct your view of the road. The lower right corner of the windshield is often a good choice, as it is within easy reach but out of the direct line of sight.
  4. Secure the Suction Cup: Press the suction cup firmly against the windshield, and use any lever or locking mechanism on the mount to create a vacuum seal for a secure hold.
  5. Attach the Phone: Once the mount is secured, you can attach your phone. Adjust the angle and orientation for the best view and accessibility.
  6. Check Stability: Before driving, gently tug on the mount to ensure it is securely attached and will not come loose during travel.
  7. Regular Checks: Periodically check and re-secure the mount as necessary, especially in extreme temperatures, as they can affect the suction cup’s grip.

Do’s and Don’ts When Mounting a Phone on a Windshield 

When mounting a phone on the windshield, there are several do’s and don’ts to ensure safety and compliance. Keep notes of these practical tips.


  1. Check Legal Regulations: Before mounting, ensure it’s legally permissible in your area.
  2. Select an Appropriate Mount: Choose a mount that fits your phone securely and has a strong suction cup.
  3. Clean the Windshield: Clean the area where you’ll place the mount for better adherence.
  4. Position Carefully: Mount the phone in a position where it doesn’t obstruct your view of the road, like the lower corners of the windshield.
  5. Secure the Mount Properly: Make sure the mount is firmly attached and the phone is securely held.
  6. Regularly Inspect the Mount: Check the stability of the mount periodically, especially in extreme temperatures.


  1. Obstruct View: Don’t place the mount in a way that obstructs your view of the road, mirrors, or dashboard.
  2. Use While Driving: Avoid interacting with your phone while driving. It is highly recommended to set your navigation or music before you start driving.
  3. Ignore Maintenance: Don’t neglect the maintenance of your mount and phone holder. Replace it if it’s worn or damaged.
  4. Compromise Safety: Never compromise on safety for the sake of convenience.

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